Real Estate

Legal representation for all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions, and title review and analysis

Buying or selling a property is often the biggest purchase an individual or family will make, and as such, it requires a legal expert to help navigate the process. There are many aspects of the transaction to consider, including protecting the best interests of you, the client. Depending upon the type of transaction, there are differing laws and/or requirements to consider.

Frank Savona has a depth of experience in a variety of real estate law and as a result, will be your advocate and help you navigate this process. His areas of expertise include:

Residential transactions, including private residences, condominiums, townhomes and co-op apartments. Each transaction type differs and it’s important to have a legal expert to explain the nuances and protect your interests.

Commercial transactions, such as purchases or rentals for your business. Commercial real estate contracts differ from residential transactions, and Frank Savona can help guide you through the process with his extensive experience.

Title Review and Analysis is an important step in the real estate transaction process, as title issues can impact a property for many years to come. A proper title review and analysis can reveal hidden problems such as liens, improper or missing paperwork and documentation, and other potential trouble areas that often get missed.  Frank Savona has experience reviewing title for large and complex real estate deals, and knows how to analyze and interpret the results to avoid potential future problems.