Legal representation for all aspects of real estate financial transactions

Frank Savona is adept and experienced in providing services for all aspects of real estate transaction financing. On behalf of buyers, sellers, and the top lenders from New York State, New Jersey, and around the country.  His expertise includes:

  • Settlement Services. The average closing can involve more than a hundred separate documents, and an experienced attorney can ensure they are all properly handled and correctly prepared
  • Lender Representation. Laws and regulations change constantly, and a qualified legal representative is necessary to protect you in all purchase and refinance transactions.
  • New York CEMA Transactions. CEMA is a complicated tax law unique to New York State.
  • Mortgage and Lien Assignments. Every mortgage in New York State requires an unassailable transfer history, and Frank Savona is the expert in ensuring these are done properly.
  • Portfolio Refinancing. As rates and circumstances change, sound legal advice regarding options and available products is important.
  • Co-Op UCC Filing and Termination. Pre-filed UCC-1 liens can cause endless problems, but can be easy to take care of if you have the experience to do so.
  • Foreclosures, Loan Modification, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure & Short Sales. Frank Savona has unparalleled experience and success in handling all real estate scenarios, including representing both owners and lenders in foreclosure and loan modification situations.